South Carolina 250 Charleston

Mission, Vision, and History

Mission Statement

The people of Charleston played a crucial role in the American Revolution and in the advancement of our nation’s ideals. SC250 Charleston’s mission is to explore their myriad stories, and to educate and inspire the public through commemorative events and educational programs so that everyone may rightly see themselves as a part of America’s story.  


SC250 Charleston’s mission is to educate and inspire the public through innovative commemorations, events, and educational programs.  We seek to be…

  • Partner-driven and collaborative: SC250 Charleston supports and encourages new programs, events, and offerings from our remarkable partner organizations that are distinct, creative, and unique to the Charleston area.
  • Far-reaching and inclusive: We encourage the development of compelling events, activities, performances, and programs that will appeal to all learners, ethnicities, and points of interest.
  • Educational and Inspiring: We seek to advance the public’s understanding and appreciation of Charlestonians’ role during the American Revolution.
  • Non-judgmental: We seek to commend the achievements, honor the sacrifices, and acknowledge the shortcomings of our forebearers.
  • Active in boosting awareness of the historically underrepresented: We seek to increase awareness and appreciation of Charlestonians from the Revolutionary War period who have been left out of the traditional historical narrative- women, children, enslaved and free African Americans, Indigenous people, Jewish Americans, Hispanics, and others.
  • Centered on the period from 1770 to 1783 (2020 to 2033)
  • Focused on creation of lasting benefits: We will encourage the development of research, educational materials, exhibits, and other displays that will last beyond this commemorative period.   And our citizenry, informed and inspired by our programs, will share our revolutionary spirit with future generations.



  • America250.  In 2016, the Congressional legislation that enabled the U.S. Semiquincentennial Commission stipulated that emphasis should be placed on “events in locations of historical significance… including Boston, Charleston, New York City, and Philadelphia…
  • SC250.  The South Carolina American Revolution Sestercentennial Commission was established in 2018, chartered to support programs and events statewide.
  • SC250 Charleston, Inc.  In 2023, SC250 Charleston was formed as a 501(c)(3) organization to spark, support and sponsor meaningful and memorable programming locally.

  • In December 2023, SC250 Charleston supported its first major commemorative event – focused on the 1773 Charleston Tea Protests.