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Charleston and the American Revolution

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SC250 Charleston

SC250 Charleston, Inc. is a locally based non-profit organization whose purpose is to encourage, inspire and support educational and commemorative programs that center on the American Revolution and Charleston’s contributions toward establishing our Nation.

The Liberty Trail

Visit Revolutionary War sites in South Carolina along The Liberty Trail. Learn about South Carolina’s path to liberty.

British Occupied Charlestown, 1780-1782

Learn more about the history and people of Charleston during the time that it was occupied by the British during the Revolutionary War.  Christina and Nic Butler’s new research highlights a more complex and interesting story of these times. 

Learn About Charleston's 1773 Tea Protests

Charleston played a leading role in the protest of the Tea Act of 1773.  Learn more about these actions and issues.

Connect with Charleston’s Revolutionary War History

Charleston County is filled with historic sites, museums, galleries, and other places filled with Revolutionary War history and connections.

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