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Learn about Charleston and the founding of our nation. 

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British Occupied Charlestown, 1780-1782

Learn more about life in Charleston during the period in which it was occupied by the British Army during the Revolutionary War.  New research by Christina and Nic Butler. 

The Charleston Tea Crisis of 1773

Learn more about Charleston’s resistance to the Tea Act of 1773 and its actions to stop the importation of taxed tea to the colony.

10 Facts about Charleston's Tea Protests

So if the Tea Act lowered the price of tea, why did Charlestonians rise up in protest? This and other interesting facts.

Tea & Revolution: An Interview with James Fichter

SC250Charleston spoke with Dr. James Fichter about his new book on tea’s role just before the Revolution, his observations on the tea protests of 1773-1776, and some of the myths surrounding the Tea Party. 

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Carolina Day

June 28, 2024

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Tea and Archeology
at Drayton Hall

The History of Tea
at Drayton Hall

A Lady's Adieu to
Her Tea Table

1773 Tea Crisis at the
Exchange in Charleston

Tea at the Heyward
Washington Home

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